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October 6, 2023  

My Farts for You

The wonderful Deb Z is very sick after eating a portion of very spoiled food from her slave Sandy. Sandy enters the room complaining that the top Deb Z is releasing a lot of stinky farts, the wonderful Deb Z tells the slave Sandy that it is because of the spoiled food that the slave prepared for her, even so, Sandy continues to complain about the bad smell of our star Deb Z. Deb Z gets angry and decides to severely punish the slave Sandy, for a long time and from several possible positions Deb Z lets out loud and deep farts throughout the room and inside Sandy’s mouth leaving the slave very uncomfortable and with a lot of eagerness, Deb Z without any mercy continues the punishment with farting and rubbing her completely stinky ass in Sandy’s face causing her slave to breathe deeply all her farts

Deb Z, Sandy

Format: mp4
Length: 28:13 min
Size: 1.99 Gb


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